Industrial Services

We undertake repairs and servicing of all heavy earthmoving equipment, gear boxes, pump casings, sleeves. All types of gear boxes including helical, bevel, worm/wheel type are refurbished. We can also manufacture spur gears, racks, sprockets , pinions in various modules and sizes as per drawings or samples with special steels and heat treatments.


 Hydraulic Services

We undertake repair of hydraulic jacks , pumps, valves, hydraulic motors. we are also competent to design and manufacture industrial hydraulic cylinders, power packs, hydraulic equipment, lifting jacks, hydraulic cranes, steerings, arm jacks, marine cover jacks and other hydraulic systems. all kinds of hydraulic presses can be re-furbished and repaired with test procedures.


 Marine Services

CME has been actively involved with the marine industry in the Gulf region and have regularly carried refurbishments and repairs of various engine components, exhaust valves spindles, connecting rods crankshaft grinding. we also carry on-site modifications and pipe line repair jobs by metal stitching, housing boring, valve re-facing. cast and machined components and crane / winch repairs are also in our scope of activity.


 General Services

We can undertake manufacture of various pump parts like volutes, shafts, impellers, skids, canopies, covers etc in different materials as per specifications or samples. complete pumping systems for industrial, oil, gas, marine applications can be supplied and serviced by our team of engineers and technicians. our repair and refurbishment teams are cable of valve refurbishments, valve refacing valve testing and manufacture of different components .

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