Crescent world-class fabrication capabilities have been achieved through perfect integration of efficient material handling & preparation, precision machining and welding processes for a range of material in varying thickness, backed by technological excellence in design & engineering and responsive quality systems.

Our range of manufacturing & services includes:

Design. Manufacturing & Installation of Piping Systems, Modular section fabrications.

Design, Manufacturing & Installation of customized oil tanks, customized mobile storage tanks; i.e; diesel tankers. septic (vacuum tankers), water tankers & chemical tankers.

Design & Manufacturing of customized trailers, Flat bed and container trailers, Crane Mounted trailers & cargo Bodies, Low bed trailers for heavy equipment transportation.

Silos, Tripod stands, oils Skids and Customized steel fabrication.

We are committed to metallurgical expertise, quality control & inspection to carry out UT, MPI, PT & PT (interpretation) for customers specific applications. We are equipped with the team of qualified personals, Professional Engineers & Certified Welding Inspectors to look after customers demands and requirement in the above fields

Comprehensive Welding Capabilities

Continuous improvement in Welding Technology has enabled the development of welding procedures for variety of materials covering the complete spectrum of welding processes.

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